• CME on Application of Biotechnology in medicine on 12th jan 2019
  • CME on Reducing antibiotic residue through Novel antimicrobial peptides on 16th Feb 2019.
  • CME on Breath tests and thromboelastgraphy in gastrointestinal and hepatic disorders on 11th Nov 2019
  • CME on Some less familiar plant food of Assam with their nutrients on 3rd June 2019.
  • CME on Novel Molecular techniques with potential biomedical application on 15th Feb 2020.
  • CME on Regulation of gene expression on 13th Aug 2020
  • CME on Food safety and its regulation on 11th Nov 2020.
  • Webcast CME on Online panel discussion on inborn errors of Metabolism by postgraduate students of Biochemistry on 11th Nov 2020.
  • CME on Approach to research held by Srimanta Sankaradeva University of Health Sciences on 13th Nov 2019.
  • CME on Musa Dalbisiana-a versatile medicinal plant of north east india on 28th Nov 2020.
  • Dr Kaustubh Bora was awarded CSIR’s prestigious Fellowship “Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship” in the area of Life Sciences by CSIR on 20th Sept 2019.


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