IFCC Full and Affiliate Member Societies’ National Representatives of Low Income  / Lower Middle Income and Upper Middle Income  Economies’ countries

Dear All,

On behalf of Prof. Ozben – IFCC President,  and Dr. Barb Jones – CLSI Chief Executive Officer, please find below a message informing about a new initiative to receive discount on CLSI products and services based on a Country-Based Pricing Model, details as follows:

Dear Tomris,

I am excited to share with you advance notice of an historic initiative from CLSI.  On 4th January 2024, CLSI will be implementing a new Country-Based Pricing Model that offers substantial discounting on all CLSI products and services for customers from low and middle income countries. Our standards and guidelines are in use in more than 150 countries around the world, and clinicians, laboratorians, IVD manufacturers, and regulators rely on CLSI standards to provide practices and procedures that are critical for ensuring public health and safety.  This initiative is incredibly important for fulfilling our mission to develop and promote global laboratory practices by dramatically increasing access to expert guidance and best practices.

The tiered pricing structure, based on World Bank GNI tiers, adds transparency and fairness to the pricing model and will benefit organizations and individuals in 136 countries. Users from low and low-middle income countries will receive a 90% discount on all CLSI products, those from middle-income countries will receive a 50% discount.  More information about the policy and FAQs can be found here.

Warmest regards,