Dear TF-YS,
C-PR has made an official call for official C-PR members. I highly encourage you to submit your applications.  Young scientists should be involved in all IFCC activities, specially in communication & social media 😉
You can find the official call here:
Attached is the call PDF
We need from applicants before 31/10/23:
1) CV
2) Motivation letter directed to Prof. Tahir Pillay and Prof. Rajiv Erasmus (C-PD and C-PR respective chairs)
Please indicate there if you have any type of expertise/skills in any field/area of communication, writing papers/websites/ etc
3) Support letter from your society should be sent to IFCC secretary Silvia Colli Lanzi: before deadline
Attachment :
Maria Schröder
+49 176 476 36 207
+33 616 91 99 92
C-PR member
TF-YS corresponding member
WG-FC member
Former C-CMBC J. member