Dear All,

Please find below an important message on behalf of Dr. Graham Beastall, Chair of the IFCC Foundation for Emerging Nations (FEN), along with the February 2017  FEN Newsletter.

Dear IFCC Member,

The Foundation for Emerging Nations (FEN) was established by IFCC as a charitable trust under Swiss law in February 2016. Since then it has had a successful year. We invite you to look at our second newsletter (attached) and to visit the FEN website at to see our annual report and project reports. 

The FEN is keen to hear from all IFCC Members to discuss how we may facilitate collaborative projects that will help to improve the quality of laboratory medicine in emerging nations. Some possible ways forward are included in the newsletter. 

Please will IFCC Full and Affiliate Members draw the attention of their individual members to the FEN. This may be done either by circulating our newsletter or by preparing a short news item with a link to the FEN website. I shall be happy to assist in this process. 

kind regards 

Graham H Beastall

See attachment