Dear Presidents and National Representatives of APFCB Member Societies
I am glad to share the news about the nobel initiative of “The APFCB Young Scientists Award Competition 2023” to attend IFCC-EFLM WORLDLAB-EUROMEDLAB 2023 in Roma, Italy.
Deadline of submission is March 31, 2023
The APFCB Young Scientist Award is a financial support of young scientist to attend IFCC meetings, which is conducted by the APFCB through its Education Committee with the following objectives:
1. Foster scientific potential of young scientists within the Asia-Pacific region,
2. As a means of aiding and encouraging young scientists in written and oral communication of their research results
For more information visit APFCB Website:
APFCB encourage all young scientists of member societies to apply.
Best Wishes & Regards
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Dabla

Chair APFCB- Communication & Publication Committee

Chief Editor, APFCB eNEWS