American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Trainee Membership is open for AMBI young members. Please apply immediately and send your applications to Dr.Shanthi Naidu for review and forwarding.

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American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Trainee Memberships for AMBI young members.

Please send your applications to Dr.Shanthi Naidu, Hon.Secretary,AMBI; routed through State Representative/Zonal Representative Annual Trainee Memberships for AACC free of cost, for the current year 2019, for AMBI young members. Eligibility Criteria for AACC Annual Trainee Memberships: Currently pursuing MD in Biochemistry or Lab Medicine or Pathology Currently pursuing Senior Residency in Biochemistry or Lab Medicine. Completed PhD in [...]

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Survey – IFCC- Task Force Young Scientists (TF-YS) – YS Training

Dear Colleagues, We are approaching you related to the survey of IFCC Task Force - Young Scientists (YS) in laboratory medicine about YS training worldwide. We would like to submit to you the following questionnaire which we kindly ask you to fill in. (approximative 10 minutes) Dr Pradeep K Dabla, Chairman of IFCC TF-YS Dr [...]

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IFCC CPD: C-IDL member – Call for nominations

IFCC representatives of the Full, Affiliate and Corporate Members Dear All, Kindly find attached a letter on behalf of Prof. Khosrow Adeli, Chair of IFCC Communications and Publications Division, announcing a Call for Nominations for one member position within the IFCC Committee on Internet and Distance Learning (C-IDL). Nominations should be directly sent to the [...]

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IFCC eNews: No 10

November 2018 ISSUE THE IFCC ENEWS IS PUBLISHED MONTHLY!  AVAILABLE IN TWO DIFFERENT FORMATS! In this issue: The evolving digital era and ethics IFCC and Global Healthcare Organizations Join Abbott to Launch the “UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award” AACC Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine on NEJM Knowledge+ VLP Report: Philippine Council for Quality Assurance in [...]

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Survey – IFCC- Task Force Young Scientists (TF-YS) – YS Training

Dear All, Please find enclosed a letter on behalf of Dr Pradeep Dabla, Chair of  IFCC Task Force for Young Scientists (TF-YS), and Dr Guilaine Boursier, TF-YS Member, submitting a questionnaire about Young Scientists in your country, to be completed using following link: IFCC TF-YS Survey: YS training & career Should you have any queries [...]

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IFCC Annual Survey 2018

To:    All IFCC National Representatives of the Full and Affiliate Members The Annual IFCC Survey has been developed by CPD and the Committee on Public Relations to survey the membership across the organization and seek input on the impact and effectiveness of IFCC publications, scientific and educational programs, and various IFCC activities globally. The results [...]

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