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Dear All,

On behalf of Dr Katherina Psarra, IFCC eNews Editor, you will find the deadlines of the IFCC eNews 2023 along with the guidelines for submission at the end of this message.

Also I kindly remind you that submissions are to be sent to the dedicated email



Submission date

Publication date

N° 1/2: Jan/Feb

Jan 20th

Feb 2nd

N° 3: Mar

Feb 17th

Mar 2nd

N° 4: Apr

Mar 24th

Apr 6th

N° 5: May

Apr 21st May 4th
N° 6: Jun May 25th

Jun 8th

N° 7/8: Jul/Aug

Jun 30th Jul 13th

N° 9: Sep

Aug 25th Sep 7th

N° 10: Oct

Sep 22nd

Oct 6th

N° 11: Nov Oct 27th 

Nov 9th

N° 12: Dec Nov 24th

Dec 14th

eNews guidelines

The news must be related:

1) to National Association / Regional Federation position issues, initiatives or regulations related to clinical chemistry,

2) to activities related to the development of the profession, including short summaries that highlight a particular event of symposia and congresses.

Leader-opinions from key individuals would be highly appreciated as they would give rise to discussions. The authors should qualify at the end of the article that the views expressed were theirs and not necessarily of the IFCC.

Articles from the IFCC’s Corporate Members are of high importance and they should reflect their activities within IFCC. They should be of educational value not perceived as indirect or “soft” advertising of a company’s products since this could be construed as an endorsement by the IFCC.

In terms of style, the News should be journalistic and limited to approximately 500 words so as to be attractive to readers. It is understood that the Editor could edit the texts in terms of format, style and language. From 2 to 3 high quality pictures would be appreciated.



Best wishes for a very Happy New Year.

Silvia Colli Lanzi