Dear AMBI members
We encourage you to create and share videos and podcast  that illustrate the incredible work happening within your laboratories for IFCC Global Med Lab Week 2024 on  “Lab Saves Lives  theme “.
( Follow the attachments for guidelines for video and podcast )
Your participation will  inspire and educate the general public and healthcare professionals about the impact of your contributions.
A regional award will be presented to participants whose video or podcast is selected for global awareness. Furthermore, all professionals contributing to the production of podcasts and videos will receive a certificate of collaboration signed by the President of IFCC and the Chair of C-PR/CPD
*Last date to participate in the event  video/ podcast  is 30th March 2024
For any query
Please contact
Dr Shivani Jaswal
( AMBI National Coordinator ) : 9646121535
Email :
Dr Animesh Bardoloi:
( AMBI Joint Secretary )  8811087238
Email :
Dr Ashish Agravatt
( Member, IFCC ,C-PR) : 9998532909
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